Officers and Chief Stewards


President - Laurie Aunchman, RN, SICU
I have worked at UVM Medical Center since 1976, in the Resource Pool, General Surgery, Management, and Administration, and I played a key role in developing a pioneering Burn Prevention Program that was widely shared across the state. I currently work in SICU. I am really excited about the role Technical Professionals will play now that they have joined our union, and I’m looking forward to collaborating more with them as part of our team. The renewed spark of organizing that I sense throughout the hospital is exciting and I’m eager to see it help strengthen the hospital and improve patient care in the future.

Vice President for Technical Professionals - Howie Otten, CSR Tech
I have worked at FAHC in CSR for over two years. I have been a part of the Technical Professionals Negotiation Team, and am currently working on Career Ladder Negotiations to ensure a fair process of advancement in our professions at FAHC. I believe our union gives us a voice to speak up for fairness, and I am committed to lending my voice and my energy to the important work our union is doing. When I’m not at work or volunteering with our union, my hobbies include boating and beaches.

Executive Vice President - Deb Snell, RN MICU

I began at the hospital in 1999, prior to the union being voted in. I had received by nursing education at union hospitals in NY and was stunned by the nurse-patient ratio that we were required to care for. I would leave work everyday wondering what I forgot to do or chart. Our union has made an amazing impact on patient care and I believe will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We are the caregivers and the voice for our patients. I became more active in our union because I want to be part of the positive changes we are making everyday.

Vice President of Communications - Vacant

Grievance Chair - Cheryl O'Toole, RN SICU

Treasurer - Denise Boucher RN, Nursing Vascular Access


PeriOp Chief Steward Tanya Delp, RN Pre-Op

I have been at UVMMC for over 18 yrs, in the Peri-Op area. I have been a nurse for 28 yrs. I got involved with Union to help support my fellow co-workers in providing safe, quality pt care. Having worked in other hospitals with organized nurses, I have seen the many benefits of a Union. My limited spare time is spent entirely with my young family , beloved family dog and our motley critters.

PeriOp Chief Steward - Diane Zeller, RN, OR

Technical Professionals Chief Steward - Chris Gonyeau, Respiratory Care Services
I have worked at FAHC for 15 years as a Respiratory Therapist. I studied one year at UVM, earned my Associates Degree in Respiratory Therapy at Champlain College, and graduated in 1996. I live in Georgia, VT with my wife and three children.

Technical Professionals Chief Steward - Ryan Ferris, Critical Care Transport

Technical Professionals Chief Steward - Jade Rogers, Respiratory Care Services

Critical Care Chief Steward - Clare Doyle, RN, SICU

Critical Care Chief Steward - Amanda Young, RN, Emergency Department

I've worked in the Emergency Department for 4.5 years and got involved with the union during negotiations for the 2016 contract. I value the knowledge and friendships I've has gained doing this important work.

Critical Care Chief Steward - Colleen McColgan, RN, SICU

Women's/Children’s/Specialty Chief Steward - Kelly Borch, RN Mother-Baby Unit

Ouptpatient Chief Steward - Stephanie Lusk, RN Baird 5

I've been a nurse at the hospital for the last 8 years, and for 2 1/2 years prior to a 3 year stent as a travel nurse. I've worked as a volunteer nurse in Haiti and the Philippines, and formerly at the Family Justice Center in San Diego for victims of domestic violence. My love and passion, however, has been working as pediatric nurse.

In the last year I've worked as a Chief Steward for Women/Children's/Specialty helping my co-workers navigate the contract and daily life in the work place. I'm active in the union because I think taking care of ourselves in the workplace has a direct effect on the quality of care we can provide to our patients. We should all have a voice in what happens at UVMMC and this is one way I can have mine.
When I'm not at work I enjoy running, biking, skiing and spending time with my friends and family. I live in Burlington.

Med/Surg Chief Steward - Julie MacMillan, RN PACU

Outpatient Chief Steward - Kitty Emerson, RN Urology

I have worked for UVM Medical Center for 36 years. 30 of those years were in the inpatient setting and the past 6 years have been as an outpatient nurse.

Need help?
If you do not know of a steward in your area, please contact the Union Office at 802.657.4040 or email

Our goal is to ensure that each unit has at least two trained stewards. If this is not the case in your unit, area or department, please consider attending a Steward Training, and lend your time and energy to representing your fellow co-workers.
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